Comprehensive Mental Healthcare

WellBridge understands the needs of medical professionals seeking specialized mental healthcare for patients in need. WellBridge is a responsive and compassionate psychiatric treatment partner for hospitals and assisted living facilities. We excel at innovating and proactively managing the entire psychiatric treatment process. Continual procedural improvement increases availability and compliance, while internal support and collaboration improves outcomes and enhances patient and family satisfaction.

We provide immediate, experienced, and ethical assessment, management, and treatment of progressive and acute geriatric mental health disorders that diminish a patient’s quality of life or pose harm to themselves or others. While many of our patients admit themselves, WellBridge also expertly and compassionately assists with the process of court-ordered temporary detainment (TDO).

WellBridge provides a full spectrum of mental healthcare needs. We offer inpatient care through our modern state-of-the-art hospital facility, as well as aftercare planning and IOP maintenance. We are staffed by experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, RNs, and other qualified and licensed therapists. Patients receive quality care, are kept busy and engaged, receive appetizing and nutritious meals and snacks, and take part in a variety of specialized therapies.

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