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A Mental Illness is a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling or mood. Such conditions may affect someone’s ability to relate to others and function each day. Each person will have different experiences, even people with the same diagnosis.

Family Involvement

Families are not only affected by their loved one’s mental illness, but, are also instrumental in supporting their loved one’s return to positive mental health.

Mental illnesses can be scary—especially for family members whose loved one is affected. When mental illness strikes, we may not know what is happening or where to turn for help. It can also come as an unwelcome surprise when a family member may need to be involuntarily admitted for treatment to protect themselves or those around them.

We understand how troubling and confusing mental illness can be for a patient’s family members. WellBridge works to ensure that families receive proactive communication so that loved ones know how their relative is responding to treatment. We also work with families to educate them about the condition from which their loved one is suffering, and how to play an active role in their ongoing mental healthcare. Understanding mental illnesses and how to maintain good mental health significantly reduces the stress these conditions may cause, and helps family members feel a sense of empowerment in helping their loved one regain and maintain positive mental health.

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