The WellBridge Difference


At WellBridge, we believe that at its best, mental healthcare can not only help individuals thrive, but also change the way society perceives the challenge and treatment of mental illness. By uniting exceptional treatment and management, we hope to do more than just treat the mental health issues we face. Through prioritizing patient dignity and working tirelessly to bring innovation and compassion to the treatment of all mental illnesses, the team at WellBridge is ending the stigma of these diseases and changing the way patients, families, and society think about the present and future of mental healthcare. When we make better connections between patient and staff, professional and professional, and hospital and community, we can make change together. It is time to modernize our narrative about mental health.



The people of WellBridge have seen the power of innovative medicine, positive energy, and proactive therapy rapidly change lives for the better. We are an active, fast-moving organization practicing modern medicine to help end the pain of mental illness rapidly and transition patients from crisis to maintenance as soon as possible. At WellBridge, patients are active, mobile, and engaged in their own care.



The WellBridge team comprises caring, proactive medical practitioners who are energized by the promise of helping people overcome the often profoundly painful struggle against mental illness. Here, we have seen the potential of new treatments and compassionate care powerfully transform people’s lives to return peace, happiness, and independence. We believe that to help one person at a time overcome the challenges of mental illness is to give greater hope to families, communities, and society. We look forward to working together with the common purpose of improving the lives of those that need us most. Together we can change minds.



WellBridge Healthcare is based here in North Texas, and we are passionate about delivering the best care to our communities. To achieve this goal we have partnered with Diamond Healthcare. For over 30 years, Diamond Healthcare has helped hospitals develop contemporary services that integrate and enhance the mental and physical well-being of communities. With over 1,100 employees across 31 states and Washington D.C., Diamond’s unique model for success will be a valued addition to WellBridge and aid in bringing the nation’s best care to Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding area.

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